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Peel Handle

Cape Town

Responsive relationship between object and user

A custom set of handles designed for the entrance of Crema, Cape Town.

A simple 8mm ribbon of brass, the width of which is determined by the width of a furled four-finger handgrip is manipulated to respond to its use so that the gentle curve of the folded 180 degree return sits comfortably within the crease of the hand when gripped. The right-handed handle is a more complex iteration of the left-handed push plate, whose function differs.

The brass is left to oxidise naturally so that the portion that comes into contact with the hand has a different patina, referencing the way it is used – a responsive relationship is set up between object and user.

Materials: 8mm solid brass sheet, tamper-proof brass fixing screws.

Working sketch

Project Team
Chris van Niekerk

Chris van Niekerk, Craig Raeside